Anatomy of a ChaNAPion

ChaNAPion – [ch-a-nap-pion]

  1. A pro napper
  2. A person who regularly naps
  3. A Chanapion

Dear Chanapions,

Since our launch Sara and I have had the privilege to interact with a diverse range of people from the sceptical, to the inquisitive and to the downright pro-nappers. Oddly enough we have labelled our clients as “Chanapions”.

Chanapions can be defined as a person who naps according to After XII urban dictionary. Contrary to popular belief, Chanapions are not perceived as lazy, they work hard, love their subtle naps. Enabling them to have a wide range of perspectives, new ideas, clarity and most of all a winning attitude.

Simply put, they are Chanapions. 

Forever Chanapions,

Sam & Sara

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