Defining your Chronotype

Chronotype: Owl

Has it ever crossed your mind as to why our bodies sometimes need a nap, to give us that extra boost of natural energy? Did you know most mammals tend to sleep for short periods throughout the day. Yet we, humans have managed to lump sleep into one period. However, our bodies are programmed for 2 cycles of intense sleep. The first period occurs in the early morning from 2am – 4am and the second period occurs in the afternoon from 1pm – 3pm.

You can be forgiven for making the mistake of assuming that it either has something to do with the heat or you’ve consumed a big lunch, only to feel drowsy and exhausted in the afternoon. However, it’s nothing more of a quiescent phase which is embedded in our physiology. Being in that state can overall limit our reaction time, memory, coordination, alertness and mood.

Therefore, it begs the question are you a lark or an owl? By identifying which chronotype you are, can help set the time for when you ought to take a nap. Regardless, how brief your nap is, it can set and trigger a more renewed you. Enabling you to feel refreshed and more alive.

Chronotype: Lark

The Lark

Larks apt to wake as early as 6am and are ready to nod off around 9pm or 10pm. The best time for your nap will be, between 1pm or 1.30pm.


The Owl Chronotype: Owl

You’ll most likely go to bed after midnight or 1am,  waking up around 8am or 9am. Opening the way to nap during 2.30 or 3pm.


Now that you’ve successfully identified your chronotype. It’s important to start adopting a nap schedule within your lifestyle.


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