Forget the coffee breaks, Employees want Nap Breaks?

Dear Chanapions,

The modern workplace culture is changing bosses and managers alike are starting to realise that employees are being selective when applying for vacant positions. Gone are the days when employees will settle for any job with any organisation. Employees are looking at creative incentives that organisations provide to entice them to work within their company. It’s more expensive to advertise for a vacant position than it is to retain staff. Potential employees look for an organisation that can cater for their needs and most are happy to commit and establish there working career with one organisation.

We spend half of our lives at work, most employees do more than their required hours, and some employees are skipping out on there lunch breaks, as they’re far too busy. According to the Australian Institute which surveyed 1400 participants, extrapolating the data given implies  4 million Australians are not having their entitled lunch break. No wonder the Australian economy is losing $305 billion due to lost productivity, with well-being, being an underlying factor (Ernst and Young, 2013). So it really is a no brainer, as to why potential employees are looking for companies that provide added employee benefits. Despite the lucrative offers, employees want something a little more from their employer which addresses the real issues of managing fatigue within the workforce. It’s time for employers to start considering having nap rooms within their organisation, which’ll enable their staff, overcome fatigue and stress without being ridiculed.

This is where we at After XII  can provide in house napping solutions for your organisation, we can implement and create a small retreat for your employees. Contact us on 3211 9967 for a free consultation.

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