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Badger – Organic Night Night Balm

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USDA Certified Organic.

  • A formula specifically designed with children in mind, featuring Chamomile and Lavender – essential oils traditionally used to calm and relax.
  • Great for pre-sleep massage – the scent surrounds and relaxes, helping the child to unwind naturally after a busy day of learning and growing.
  • Absolutely, positively NO chemicals, synthetics, “fragrance”, parabens, GMOs, or any other bad stuff.

21 grams

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Product Description

Key ingredients:

– Rosemary: used for clear thinking, confidence, and memory

– Bergamot: mentally uplifting

– Ginger: strengthening and confidence-inducing.

– Balsam Fir: refreshing, like a walk in the woods

– Lavender: fresh and relaxing, the traditional sleep herb.

This balm is perfect for those nights when you just can’t seem to stop the mind chatter!

Directions for use: Just rub a little balm under nose, on lips, on temples or other pulse points. The aroma calms and relaxes, allowing for a peaceful transition into sleep.