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Bsab ceramic diffuser

Bsab Dot Lines Ceramic Diffuser 50ml

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Bsab Dot Lines Ceramic Diffuser – Burning time: 8-10 weeks

  • Water based fragrance
  • Dot lines ceramic vase
  • Hand picked natural Sida weed
  • Recycled paper packaging

50 ml

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Product Description

Nothing creates or changes the atmosphere in a room like a calming, invigorating, or warming smell from an essential oil reed diffuser. In fact, studies have shown that the sense of smell is the most powerful memory-triggering human sense.


1. Remove diffuser bottle, branches and reed sticks from packaging
2. Place 2-3 branches inside the diffuser bottle and allow them to absorb the essential oil/ fragrance. It will saturate the branches within 30-60 minutes depending on the atmospheric conditions and room temperature.
3. If desired add more branches for stronger scent
4. Turn sticks regularly for stronger scent