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Organic DiffuserDiffuser 15ml

Bsab Organic Weed Diffuser 15ml

$12.95 $9.99

Burning time: 2-3 weeks


  • 100% essential oil – Lemongrass, Tranquility
  • Water-based fragrance
  • Hand picked natural Sida weed
  • Natural and replaceable reed diffusers

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Product Description

Nothing creates or changes the atmosphere in a room like a calming, invigorating, or warming smell from an essential oil reed diffusers. In fact, studies have shown that the sense of smell is the most powerful memory-triggering human sense.


1. Remove diffuser bottle, branches and reed sticks from packaging
2. Place 2-3 branches inside the diffuser bottle and allow them to absorb the essential oil/ fragrance. It will saturate the branches within 30-60 minutes depending on the atmospheric conditions and room temperature.
3. If desired add more branches for stronger scent
4. Turn sticks regularly for stronger scent
Please note that evaporation rate vary due to air conditions and temperatures.